Let's innovate! Become a Development Partner!

Integration with the MyGlucoHealth Meter is available through use of our Developer Kit.  The meter utilizes the standard SPP (Serial Port Profile) over Bluetooth (v2.1) for communication dialog with the MyGlucoHealth meters.  Included with the Developer Kit is the documentation for the protocol for a set of SPP commands for retrieving blood glucose reading records, setting/retrieving date and time, and numerous other records.  The MyGlucoHealth Bluetooth glucose meters can be interfaced with a variety of desktop and mobile development platforms including Windows,  Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Java enabled mobile devices. 
Becoming a Development Partner is easy!

Simply follow these simple steps:

1) Create an account on our Developer Forum.  Registering is free of charge, and you can review sample code and information on incorporating our device into your platform

2) Print, sign, scan and return the API License Agreement.  Download the API License Agreement here. 

3) Purchase our developer kit on our online store.

4) Email us at support@entrahealth.com and include:

a) The order confirmation email or order number
b) The username for the account you created on the developer forum
c) Sign, scan and email the API License Agreement.

What happens next?
Once we've received your order and the above information, we will ship you the Developer Kit and authorize your Developer account as a certified developer.  
NOTE: We cannot ship the Development Kit or change your online Developer status until we have received your signed API License Agreement.


Still have questions?

Contact us and a member of our team will be in touch.