MyGlucoHealth Control Solution COMBO Pack (High, Normal, Low)

by: Entra Health Systems

One each of MyGlucoHealth Control Solution, Low, Normal and High.

The MyGlucoHealth Control Solution is used to validate that the meter and test strips are working together as a system and that you are performing the test correctly. It is very important that the control solution is used routinely to make sure that you receive accurate results.

The control solution test is similar to a blood test except that you use the MyGlucoHealth Control Solution instead of a drop of blood. Control solution results are not posted or recorded as part of your records. MyGlucoHealth Control Solution contains a measured amount of glucose that reacts with the MyGlucoHealth Test Strips. Compare your control solution test results with the expected range printed on the test strip vial label.

MyGlucoHealth Control Solution Kit including three Control Solutions (one low, one normal, one high).



Part Number: MGH-CS3

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