*Featured: MyGlucoHealth Test Strips (One Pack of 50; 50 test strips)

by: Entra Health Systems

Fifty (50) MyGlucoHealth 0.3 microliter 3 second test strips

MyGlucoHealth Test Strips employ a new biosensor technology composed of electrochemical components that requires only an extremely small volume of blood to achieve an accurate measurement. A minimal sample volume of 0.3 microliters is required and if the patient is unable to supply that amount immediately, they have up to one minute to add additional blood to the test strip.

MyGlucoHealth Test Strips are used exclusively with the MyGlucoHealth Wireless Meter System for the measurement of blood glucose levels in whole blood. MyGlucoHealth Wireless Meters are plasma calibrated to allow easy comparison of results with laboratory methods.


Part Number: MGH-TS50

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